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The noise reduction from a silencer will not only help protect your hearing, but the hearing of those around you.

Choosing a Silencer

Caliber: If you are purchasing your first suppressor, we recommend choosing a .30 caliber can, because it will work with the majority of rifle calibers.

Mount: Quick Detach (QD) mount suppressors are ideal for quickly changing between multiple rifles.

Silencer Ownership is Easy

Purchasing a silencer may seem complicated, but the process is easier than you might think. You’ll want to download the Silencer Shop app and create an account. Once you select and purchase your silencer, we will link the serial number to your Silencer Shop account. You’ll register for an ATF eForms account. Then we’ll take a photo for your Silencer Shop account and use the kiosk to get your fingerprints and signature for the DocuSign. You’ll get an email from Silencer Shop to certify and submit your form to the ATF and that’s it! Then just wait to receive your approved tax stamp in about 90 days, and your Silencer will be ready to take home. You only have to create the accounts once, so it’s even easier for your next one!

Buying a Silencer?

Come in-store and let us help find the best options for you or shop online now at our Silencer Shop store.

Once you purchase your silencer, we can help you submit your fingerprints and paperwork through our Silencer Shop kiosk.

Use your silencer in our range while waiting on your tax stamp

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