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Members Save 20%: $60.00

Standard Price: $75.00

Skill Level: Beginner

Total Time: 3 hours


We will teach you how to draw safely from concealment, emergency reloads and tactical reloads and how to clear a malfunction quickly. We will do live fire drills on the range. By the end of the night you should be able to draw and fire 2 rounds in under 2 seconds.

Required equipment:

  • Firearm
  • Holster
  • Sturdy Belt
  • 2 Magazines
  • 100 Rounds of Ammo

Class is from 5 PM to 8 PM

If you haven't filled out the Range Waiver, you can do that here.

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Over 1,500 Reasons to Choose Uncoiled

Patric DPatric D
22:46 26 Nov 23
I wanted to especially thank Collin. He fixed my .22 S&W after a friend twisted the silencer too tight and dislodged the pin holding the barrel in place. He tested it on the range to ensure it was functional, and it was. Thank you again, Collin.
S. LeeS. Lee
23:57 25 Nov 23
Very knowledgeable and engaging. Kept the class laid back when it needed to be, and serious when it was called for.
martin rmartin r
22:43 25 Nov 23
Collin, you are heaven sent brother. If you want any gun related issues or inquires put to rest come see this man Collin at uncoiled firearms. Literally saved me in the middle of a packed store on Black Friday god bless his heart. If you are in need come see these people
23:48 20 Nov 23
Shane my guy had what I was looking for got me together you need anything go Holla at him tell him I sent u
Sammy Z.Sammy Z.
17:58 14 Nov 23
This place is just great and is by far my favorite gun store here in Michigan! All of the staff are super friendly and are always willing to answer any questions that you have. I recently made my second firearm purchase from Uncoiled and I have to give a special shout-out to Nick and Shane, they are both great guys that helped me through the process yet again! Absolutely LOVE my new FN Scar 16 and the FN 502 that came with it, they are both extremely fun to shoot!!
Nicole BazziNicole Bazzi
16:16 13 Nov 23
I took the CPL class in October and it was a great experience. Len was and amazing instructor, very knowledgeable and entertaining. I look forward to more classes with him. The shop was also amazing and the staff very friendly.
Erynn St. AubinErynn St. Aubin
20:05 11 Nov 23
Would give 10 stars if i could! My husband (gun experience) and i (minimal gun experience) took the CPL class with Len and it surpassed our expectations. It was entertaining, fun, and exceptionally inviting. No tests, no public speaking/answers, and lots of jokes. He is incredibly knowledgeable and so quick to answer questions. Bonus is they also made accommodations to get me out of the range quicker due to my early pregnancy. Everyone in the shop was so kind and helpful as well. Cannot recommend enough!
Autumn B.Autumn B.
12:21 23 Oct 23
Superior customer service all around. Very nice selection of products and services. Clean range. Len Woods provides a thoroughly informative experience, clearly demonstrating his dedication to safety. He was patient with all questions, even when repeated, and allowed for a fun, casual classroom environment while maintaining the serious nature of the class itself. Angie is the BEST range safety officer I've ever encountered, very patient and detailed with instructions, and made us feel welcome upon entering the classroom.
Being Canadian 🇨🇦, I took a short vacation into Michigan with my wife and kids as we are big fans of "Hardcore Pawn"!💯Our vacation was to pay a visit to American Jewelry & Loan; however, I obviously planned other "things to do in Michigan" as well! 🤭🤣Planned a stay at the Hampton Inn in Lovinia, MI and luckily enough Uncoiled Firearms Gun Range was conveniently down the street! 👍👌👏😁As our gun laws are far different from the USA 🇺🇸 I thought it would be a fun experience for my son & I to experience; moreover, the safety and handling of a firearm.We were introduced to an AR-15 rifle as well as a Staccato XC handgun. Derek was the staff member who was there to explain everything to us, from start to finish, especially being safety conscious throughout.My wife Stephanie wasn't interested at first, but was able to convince her to at least "try" 😂🤣My son Benedict Jr., who just turned a few weeks earlier, was excited to take part as I was.For a first time experience, it was very informative; moreover, extremely fun! Even Stephanie who was hesitant at first truly enjoyed the experience especially with the Staccato XC!Thank you very much to the staff members who assisted us as I never got their names but there were two gentlemen who helped us select the weapons to start with!Special thanks to Derek who guided us from loading the firearms to firing them, all in a safe manner! You are awesome and my wife truly appreciated your help!Hope to visit again soon🙏