The Shop

Uncoiled is a shop founded on family principles and tradition. Sharing our passion and knowledge of firearms with all, to keep those traditions alive. We evoke a spirit of unity and positivity in culture, treating everyone with respect and sense of community.

We pride ourselves in carrying a curated selection of something for everyone. Offering all of the fan favorites and bringing in Michigan’s largest collection of premium brands, not only for purchase, but available to rent in our indoor range. We promote education and proper firearm handling and safety through classes taught by our certified instructors. And Uncoiled is proud to be Michigan’s #1 NFA dealer, carrying an extensive selection of in-stock silencers and SBR’s.

Here, you’ll find a comfortable environment to ask questions, explore your interests, gain knowledge, and refine skills amongst friends. Welcome to Uncoiled!

The Team

Our team is what makes Uncoiled the prime destination for our customers. A like-minded group of positive individuals all bringing complementary skills and knowledge to the business. If you are into a certain niche of firearms, we have someone for you. This unique collection of people allow us to provide the very best of all categories into the shop. We are fortunate to employ such an amazing team that we can call family and know you’ll feel that energy when you visit us.


The reasons I started this business are simple. I like guns. I love to target shoot and hunt. I love the hunt and research that goes into picking out a new firearm and the immediate high you get after finally making the purchase. I do all of this just to start the search over again. I am extremely proud of all we have accomplished with Uncoiled. I cannot imagine what will become of this business in the next few years.


I remember walking into an office building in Westland to do a rifle transfer. I could not believe that this little store had one of the best selections of guns I had ever seen. I had some extra time so I helped Joel put firearms back in their cases from a gun show he had attended that weekend. We struck up a friendship and I knew that I wanted to be involved in the business. Joel hired me a short time later and I am now a partner in the coolest gun store in Michigan.


I started shooting with my Father when I was 5 years old. I have had a love of firearms and everything related since then. When I met Joel I was working for a hazardous waste disposal company. One day while making a firearm purchase Joel told me he could save my life. He said the pay would suck but promised we would have fun and that I wouldn’t die. He invited me on a hunt in South Dakota. We share a weird sense of humor and bonded traveling across the country. I quit my dangerous job and have been with Uncoiled since that day.

Anthony, AKA "New Kid"

I got into firearms and shooting with my dad when I was very young and have been involved ever since. I came to Uncoiled as a customer and caught Big Erns attention. He saw my enthusiasm for the industry and introduced me to Joel and Kenny. I am now the stores General Manager. I’m a great person to come to for problem solving firearms issues and questions regarding Staccato 2011’s. I will help find the answer to any issue you have.


I started shooting a 22 rifle with my dad as a kid. I enjoy the mechanical and precision aspects of firearms. In my free time, I participate in self-defense with firearms classes, AR15 building, and bench shooting bolt rifles and semi-auto. I’m a great person to talk to about AR, pistol, bolt action (mostly for practical/or defensive use). I am a certified CPL instructor and a manager for Uncoiled. I met Joel as a customer and started up a friendship. I was hired shortly after and have worked my way up to a manager position.


I was introduced to firearms by my father and grandfathers. I enjoy shooting most when I am with my friends and family. I have grown a passion for hunting and am a great person to talk to for knowledge of where you can hunt with what firearm, best caliber for the job, and anything else hunting related. I worked part-time at Uncoiled to help pay my way through college. My father is an owner of the location and I hope to always work with him part time.  I am currently attending Eastern Michigan University to obtain my Master’s Degree in Ecology. I intend to work in conservation with the Michigan DNR.


I started handling firearms when I was younger while shooting with my father and relatives. My love for firearms really took off when I got my first rifle. It began as a hobby that turned into a career in the firearms industry here at Uncoiled. I met the crew of Uncoiled as a customer in April of 2022. Joel appreciated my enthusiasm and attitude so he approached me with a job opportunity. I quickly accepted. I’m a good guy to talk to if you’re shopping for your first handgun or even looking to add another to the collection.


My first introduction to shooting was firing a .22 out of the back of my grandpa’s garage. After a brief stint in the Air Force I found my way into this industry. Firearms to me are more of an obsession than a hobby! I spend my free time researching firearm history, design and development. If the military uses or used it, I can tell you where, when, why, and how. After briefly working at another store in the industry, a mutual friend introduced me to Joel and Kenny. I quickly made the move to Uncoiled and have worked my way up to a management position and handle online sales. I also work side by side with Joel on Social Media.


I didn’t grow up around firearms, but the 2nd amendment found its way into my life. I bought my first firearm at the age of 26, and have the time of my life learning the safety and training behind these tools. Every caliber has its place. I love the AR platform and SMG style firearms. I excel in learning how to shoot them accurate, flat, and fast. My brother Darrius and I met the boys at Uncoiled as customers. Joel loved the way we interacted with other people and our consistency in practicing our skills at the range. One day he approached us and said if we worked at the store, we could shoot for free. The rest is history. If you’d like to learn how to control your firearms and shoot better, don’t hesitate to come to the shop and look me up.


It wasn’t until I found Uncoiled, that I developed a passion for firearms. My love for the industry has grown in ways I can’t explain. Shooting is by far the best sport on the planet. I’m really into AK’s, one of the best platforms to own. I’m a great person to ask any questions you have about the platform.


As a kid I watched the Military and History Channel almost every day. This is where I began to love and understand the importance of firearms. I have a vast knowledge in ballistics especially pertaining to the 5.56 round. My first experience with Uncoiled is when I came to interview Joel for an essay I was writing as a student at Wayne State University. Come see me for questions on ballistics and for help picking out the perfect self-defense firearm to protect you and your family.


I was introduced to firearms by my father who was a Marine. We visited the range, watched action movies like Red Dawn and played Halo. Before working at Uncoiled, I spent 10 years in luxury car sales. I emailed my resume to Joel and he invited me in for a meeting. Joel was concerned about my career change but offered to give me a chance. I tend to gravitate toward legacy firearms and combat revolvers, and I practice with each, religiously. I believe you should practice reloading twice as much as the other guy, and carry the biggest gun you’re willing to carry.


I was introduced to shooting sports by a close family friend, Fred Clement. He was a military marksman and long-range shooter. He taught me how to hunt at an early age. After hunting through my teens and early 20’s, I tried handguns and gained a new love, picking up competitive shooting locally here in Michigan. Mainly IPSC and USPSA matches around the state. I like shooting rifles, but love 9mm handguns. I obtained my NRA certs in various areas to teach the firearms world how to handle, shoot, and own firearms safely.


Growing up, I was always a kid that tinkered. When I became an engineer, my toys just got more expensive and my love of firearms really grew from there. I have always liked the odd firearms from Steyr AUG to Kriss Vectors and anything in between. Every gun deserves some love. I started at Uncoiled as a customer and enjoyed hanging out with the guys. I am here to help most Saturdays and any other day I have off from my regular job.


I grew up hunting and shooting and found a passion for the sport in Boy Scouts. I also loved target shooting up north with my dad on our leased property. As I got older, I continually try to learn as much as I can, and regularly take defensive and firearms classes to improve my knowledge. I met Joel while he was on my UPS route. Joel and I would always talk about the sporting industry when I dropped packages off at his house. We struck up a friendship and as the business grew, I wanted to help out as much as I could. I will be more than happy to chat with you about all things defensive carry, AR15, and hunting to help you find what will work best for you.


My love for firearms started in the military. I had a knack for disassembling, cleaning and repairing firearms. I have been in the firearms industry since my retirement from the military. My good friend Pat Morris recommended me to Joel and Kenny and they hired me immediately. I have a vast knowledge of firearms vintage and new and can help with most anything you need.


I was introduced to firearms at an early age. I received my first NRA certified instructor rating in 1994. I have continued my training as well as becoming a certified Sig Sauer instructor. I have a passion for all the shooting sports but really enjoy the precision rifle sports, like PRS, Benchrest and F class. The ability to put multiple rounds through the same hole at long distances fascinates me. I have been the Instructor at Uncoiled since they opened the range. I love working with new shooters. Really enjoy watching their progress. We offer classes for every skill level. From beginner to advanced shooter, we have a class for you. Our class reviews speak for themselves. Looking forward to seeing you in class.