Range Info


1/2 hour pistol                    $14

1 hour pistol                       $18

1/2 hour rifle                      $20

1 hour rifle                         $25

2nd shooter same lane     $10

Full-auto fire add               $10

*Range time includes one target

Well behaved kids always shoot for free with a parent

Free half hour of range time on your birthday!


First Responder


Range Hours

Monday – Friday     9am – 6pm

Saturday                10am – 6pm

Sunday                   10am – 4pm

*Store hours are different from range hours

We take our last shooter two hours before close


  • Free 1/2 hour per day of shooting during business hours
  • 5% off all accessories
  • 1/2 off rentals
  • 20% off all classes
  • 15% off USCCA Membership
  • Members only specials
  • Additional family members added at $10.00 includes all the benefits 

$35  Monthly


Gun Rentals

Pistol & Rifle Rentals

  • $10 for most pistols
  • $15 for premium pistols including Staccato
  • $15 for rifles & sub guns

We have a large selection selection to choose from including all the popular carry pistols to see which fits you best. As Michigan’s #1 Staccato Premium Dealer, we are proud to be the only range in Michigan offering Staccato rentals. Come see what the hype is all about.

Machine Gun Rentals

  • $100 plus ammo

Treat yourself to a full-auto experience for a memorable day at the range. We have a growing inventory and multiple calibers to choose from.

Come see why we show up first when you Google: gun ranges near me