May 19 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



NSSF First Shots

This class is designed to introduce new and beginning pistol shooters to proper safety rules and firearm techniques. This class will teach you time tested fundamentals proven by champion hand gunners. Learn to shoot in a judgment-free, stress-free environment with emphasis placed on safety and handgun fundamentals. It is better to learn the proper way initially than to overcome years of bad habits.

CLASS TOPICS: Safety, Gun Selection, Grip, Stance, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Follow Through, Breath Control, and Drills.

WHEN IS THE CLASS? 6-8:30 pm classroom hours and range time.

ARE THERE ANY AGE RESTRICTIONS? You must be at least 18 years old to take this class by yourself. Patrons 11-17 years of age may take the class with adult supervision.

WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM THIS CLASS? Whether just beginning, or you’ve shot a few hundred rounds, you will benefit from this fundamentals class. Sometimes we have the tendency to get complacent in our routines. Complacency often leads to bad habits without us even realizing it. This class will give you the opportunity to have an experienced shooter give you some valuable feedback as you begin this fun, life-long sport.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Due to a burn risk from ejected brass, do not wear open toed shoes, loose fitting clothing, or low-cut tops or tank tops.

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